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Why I Climb for WWF: Supporting a dear friend

We spoke with veteran climber Kristin to find out why she’s supporting WWF at the 24th Annual Canada Life CN Tower Climb.  

Why do you participate in WWF’s CN Tower Climb?
Three years ago, I decided to give a unique Christmas present to my friend Marc, a longtime supporter and climber of the WWF CN Tower Climb who was battling with cancer. I decided to support him by climbing with him that year, but unfortunately he passed away before the event. Since then, I have been participating each year in the climb with the Marc Madness group.

view of the CN Tower in Toronto

© James Carpenter

Who is the Marc Madness group?
The Marc Madness group is a collection of individuals that train together every year to participate in the climb in memory of our friend Marc. This is a fantastic team who continues to motivate and encourage each other and our sponsors. Also it’s great having people training with you, it makes the experience really fun.

What is your reason for choosing to participate in the CN Tower Climb for WWF?
My reason for participating is both emotional and physical; seeing my friend being able to participate in the climb even though he had cancer gave me the inspiration to participate as well. I do the climb to support and remember the things that Marc felt were important in his life, and one of them was to do this climb to support WWF.

What have you learned from your past CN Tower Climb experiences?
I think it is encouraging for people to know that it is a challenging event, however you’d be surprised to find out what you can achieve and learn about yourself when you do it.

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