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Bike To Work Week 2014 (May 26 – June 1)

This week, thousands of Canadians will be keeping their cars at home and hopping on bicycles as we celebrate Bike to Work Week.  This is a time to get outside, enjoy some fresh air, get physically active, and have fun, all while helping to take action on climate change.

Here in Canada, emissions from driving our cars contribute 12% of our total greenhouse gas emissions – and that number keeps growing. By choosing to leave the car at home by biking, carpooling or taking transit, and encouraging your coworkers to do the same, you could help reduce you and your coworkers’ climate impact.

We asked some of our regular WWF staff bike commuters what their favourite biking spots are in their city.  Here is what they had to say!

© Martin von Mirbach

Andrew Dumbrille &  Martin von Mirbach © Martin von Mirbach

“I have a long commute – 20km each way – but almost all of it is on bicycle paths, along the Ottawa River and up through Gatineau Park.  Cycling along the river I’m likely to see red-winged blackbirds, and sometimes I get a mouthful of midges.  In Gatineau Park I’ve managed to see porcupines, pileated woodpeckers, wild turkeys and even on occasion a little black bear.  It all makes for a lovely transition to and from the office, where I spend most of my day trying to save the planet, one email and meeting at a time.”  – Martin von Mirbach, Ottawa office

I often say to people I work to bike (not bike to work). My round trip 32KM ride passes through a provincially significant bird area, crosses from one province to another, has views of the Gatineau Hills and Parliament buildings, gets up close to two sets of river rapids, and (thanks to some visionary urban planners) is almost entirely on bike paths weaving through city green spaces. See what I mean, I work to bike.” – Andrew Dumbrille, Ottawa office

© Elizabeth Hendricks

© Elizabeth Hendricks

While I like biking on the shores of Lake Ontario, I love weekend bike trips.  Travelling by bike is slower and allows you to see new (or old) destinations in a completely different perspective.” – Liz Hendricks, Toronto office

© Steph Morgan

© Steph Morgan

“There’s a little place called Oriole Park that I bike through on my commute every day.  In the morning, it is where I hear the odd Blue Jay and if I’m lucky a Woodpecker, searching for insects. Surrounded by trees, it is often a bit foggy, making me feel like I’m biking through the country – a brief escape from the city. In the evening, Oriole Park is guaranteed to put a smile on my face. The cutest Little League team in town practices in the baseball diamond. Dad’s play coaches, kids play pros. My favourite thing, though, is the dog meet-up: pooches of all shapes and sizes play fetch, chase each other, frolic about and look curiously at me as I glide by, chuckling at their silly dog antics.” – Steph Morgan, Toronto office

© Olivia Fernandez

© Olivia Fernandez

“My favourite spot to bike is the Leslie Street Spit Trail also known as Tommy Thompson Park.  This spot gives you a great view and perspective of Toronto’s skyline.” Olivia Fernandez, Toronto office

One of my favourite rides is across the Lions Gate Bridge and west on Marine Drive to the hamlet of Horseshoe Bay. It about 26km each way and there’s is nothing quite like cycling along the ocean on a nice day looking out to the Pacific and feeling its breeze.” – Hussein Alidina, Vancouver office

Tell us what you’re doing to celebrate Bike to Work Week and where is your favourite place to bike in the city!  Share with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!

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    May 25th is Bike Day in Canada, and this usually kicks off the week.

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