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Awesome photos of awesome kids being awesome

We are always encouraging Canadian youth to get outside and connect with nature.  The couch may (quite literally) be a comfort zone but it’s okay to sometimes shut off that TV, power down the computer, and embrace the outdoors and help the environment, like these awesome kids.

Take a dip.

© Raul Touzon / National Geographic Stock / WWF-Canada

A young boy wearing goggles swimming in a lake © Raul Touzon / National Geographic Stock / WWF-Canada

The more the merrier.

© WWF / Troy Fleece

Children playing during the events for the release of the Black-footed ferret at Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan, Canada © WWF / Troy Fleece

Spread some puppy love.

© Peter Ewins / WWF-Canada

Girls and a puppy in the Inuit community of Qikiqtarjuaq, Baffin Island, Nunavut, Canada. © Peter Ewins / WWF-Canada

Reduce, reuse, recycle.

©  Istockphoto.com / WWF-Canada

Three children putting items into recycle bins outside a house. © Istockphoto.com / WWF-Canada

Take a hike!

© Mark HOBSON / WWF-Canada

A child looking up at temperate rainforest trees in Clayoquot Valley, British Columbia, Canada. © Mark HOBSON / WWF-Canada

Chores for the outdoors.

©  Istockphoto.com / WWF-Canada

A man holds a young girl as she uses clothes pegs to hang laundry to dry outside on a laundry line. © Istockphoto.com / WWF-Canada

Have some fun!

Sandbanks Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada © Frank PARHIZGAR / WWF-Canada

Children playing on sand dunes at Sandbanks Provincial Park on the shores of Lake Ontario, Canada. © Frank PARHIZGAR / WWF-Canada

Jump!  (is it just me, or does that ice look like it’s shaped like a heart?)

© Paul Nicklen/National Geographic Stock / WWF-Canada

A boy leaping across chunks of melting Arctic sea ice, Nunavut, Canada. © Paul Nicklen/National Geographic Stock / WWF-Canada

The King of the (sand)castle.

© Frank PARHIZGAR / WWF-Canada

A young boy standing on the shores of Lake Ontario, looks toward the skyline of Toronto after building a sandcastle, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. © Frank PARHIZGAR / WWF-Canada

I see a little silhouetto… 

© WWF-Canada / Chad Graham

A child is silhouetted against the sea in Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada. © WWF-Canada / Chad Graham

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