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WWF holiday adoption gift guide: Introducing the snow leopard!

This holiday season, WWF is introducing six new species for you to adopt and take home, including the snow leopard. Let’s meet the snow leopard!

Well known for its soft, beautiful fur and elusiveness, the snow leopard is a skilled hunter in its mountain habitat. It uses its long tail, which is nearly as long as its body, to balance on the extremely rugged terrain as well as to protect itself from the cold. Snow leopards are incredible jumpers, able to leap up to 15 metres through the air, or straight up or onto a cliff. Although it is similar in many ways to other big cats, the snow leopard cannot roar.

Uncia uncia Snow Leopard Between rocks, Altai Mountains, © Fritz Pölking / WWF

Uncia uncia Snow Leopard between rocks, Altai Mountains, Mongolia © Fritz Pölking / WWF


Panthera uncia.


The rugged mountains of Central Asia.


Snow leopards are opportunistic predators, and their diet varies by region and season. They are capable of killing prey up to three times their own weight. Common prey mostly consist of wild sheep and goats, and smaller animals such as pikas and marmots.

Young female snow leopard (Panthera uncia) © David Lawson/WWF-UK

Young female snow leopard (Panthera uncial)
© David Lawson/WWF-UK


Although a strong predator, more and more snow leopards are falling victim to hunters in the illegal wildlife trade and reactive killing by the local herders as well as habitat loss. Snow leopards are killed for their fur and bones; fur to be worn as coats and bones to be used in traditional medicines. They are also killed by local herders in retaliation for livestock losses.


We are working to protect the snow leopard and its habitat by:

  • Supporting research and conservation projects in many parts of the snow leopard’s range.
  • Working to put a stop to the illegal trade of endangered cats and their body parts, and to protect them and other endangered species.
  • Helping to reduce human and snow leopard conflicts by changing public attitudes and behaviour, introducing improved guarding systems and livestock insurance schemes.

With your symbolic adoption, you’re helping WWF fight to secure the long-term survival of these magnificent creatures. You’re also helping to save other species at risk around the world and to provide a healthier natural world for us all.

Each adoption kit includes a high quality wildlife plush, personalized adoption certificate, a stunning species poster, a reusable tote bag and an applicable tax receipt.

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