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10 ways to green your holidays

10 tips from terus: Sustainability in Hospitality to green your holidays

Hosting a holiday party is a great way to gather colleagues, friends and family together to have fun, enjoy delicious eats, and celebrate the season of giving. However, these kinds of events can also have a large impact on our environment.

That’s why we’re sharing 10 helpful tips on how you can green your holiday party this year.

1. Reuse or make your own decorations

Save money on decorations by reusing old ones or by making your own with natural elements from your backyard. Get the family together for eggnog and craft making!

2. Keep invitations online

Send your guests a festive electronic invitation. This can also be an opportunity to get your guests excited about attending a sustainable holiday party!


3. Offer a local and seasonal menu

Visit a local farmer’s market to do your holiday grocery shopping. You can meet the farmer, learn about the product and give your guests some fantastic seasonal food to enjoy! If you are using a caterer, ensure they support local producers.

4. Provide vegetarian food options

Reduced or no meat on your menu greatly lowers the carbon footprint of your event. Believe us, nobody will be complaining about samosas or deep fried mac ‘n’ cheese balls!

5. Serve sustainable seafood

If you are serving seafood at your event, purchase from sustainable producers. Look for the MSC logo on seafood products to ensure the product comes from a fishery committed to sustainable fishing practices. Visit schooloffish.wwf.ca for great sustainable seafood recipes.


© vicuschka

© vicuschka

6. Choose local and organic beverages

No party is complete without some fine wine and beer. Support amazing wineries and breweries near you that have a great product, without all the pesticides and herbicides.

7. Ditch the disposables

Invest in reusable serving containers, cups, plates, cutlery, napkins and even straws (glass or stainless steel). Also, make sure to use reusable containers for takeaways. This diminishes waste at your event, and ensures you have what you need for next year!


© WWF-Canada

8. Reduce the wrap

Instead of using wrapping paper for your gifts, put them in a reusable holiday gift bag. This will reduce waste and minimize cleanup after all the presents have been opened! Double win!

9. Give loot that gives back

It’s always fun to have loot bags, but try to give your guests something that gives back to our environment such as a tree seedling or milkweed seeds to plant at home. Not only will your guests love it, but the birds, bees, and butterflies will love it too!

© WWF-Canada

© WWF-Canada

10. Feed the planet

Turn your scraps into the earth’s treasure by composting any food waste generated from the event. This will turn into rich fertilizer that feeds nutrients directly back into the earth!

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