WWF-Canada Blog:

Lancaster Sound, by the numbers

To raise awareness of the people, polar bears, narwhals, belugas, bowheads, walrus, seals and seabirds that make their home in Lancaster Sound in Canada’s Eastern Arctic, WWF has launched a new website. Alongside exclusive video footage and interactive maps, you’ll find fascinating facts about species, including:

20 per cent of the Canadian beluga population migrates through Lancaster Sound every year on their way to their summering grounds

70,000 narwhals (three quarters of the global population) often return to their favourite locations in Lancaster Sound

9 important haul-out sites have been documented in Lancaster Sound. Walrus haul out in the thousands on ice or land during summer months

6,000 bowhead whales migrate through Lancaster Sound every summer

2,500 polar bears make up the Lancaster Sound subpopulation

6 critically important bird areas surround Lancaster Sound.

For more than 30 years local communities have been working to protect the region from industrial development. It’s time to make this dream a reality. WWF-Canada is supportive of Inuit groups request to Canada’s federal government to finally make Lancaster Sound a priority and designate it a National Marine Conservation Area.

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