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Holding nature in our hands

Written by Jody Hewitt, Donor Relations Coordinator

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As a donor relations co-ordinator for WWF-Canada, I am fortunate to speak with our supporters each day, providing them with information about how their donations are helping preserve nature and learning about their own experiences with wilderness and wildlife.

Jody canoeing © Jody Hewitt

Jody canoeing © Jody Hewitt

What I’ve learned is this: Our connections with nature are impactful. Both in the ways they shape our lives and how they motivate us to care for the wildlife with which we share our planet.

One phone call in particular has stayed with me. A supporter called to thank WWF-Canada for taking up the cause of beluga whale conservation in the St. Lawrence. She described how she and her younger sister were sent to live in Montreal as part of Operation Pied Piper in which, during the Second World War, the British government evacuated children from urban centres to escape bombings. Frightened and far from home, she found enormous comfort in nature, especially in watching belugas at the mouth of the Saguenay River.

It got me thinking about the experiences that have shaped my own relationship with nature. Each summer my family journeyed into the wilderness to camp. Even though I hated sleeping on the hard ground and showering with spiders, I loved the campfire and the sound of grasshoppers at night. I marvelled at the sage expression of moose, the backsides of black bears and pairs of otters holding hands in the early morning. More than this, I have the fondest memories of wading knee-deep into the lake with my three sisters to catch frogs.

I have now gotten to a place in my life where I no longer try to capture wildlife in my hands to feel its beating heart. It’s enough for me to know it’s there. But I sometimes wonder how many frogs, turtles and wild creatures will be left for my nephew to discover?

Nature offers us so much. It’s important I do my part to give back.

WWF-Canada’s Count for Nature program is working to deepen Canadians’ connection to nature and harness our shared love of all things wild in an effort to protect it. So far, thousands of Canadians have joined the movement to help nature thrive.

Can we count you in?

When you join our nature-connected movement, we’ll send you invitations to take part in meaningful activities that help protect nature at home, work, school and in your community.

The best part of my work is hearing about how Canadians from coast to coast to coast appreciate and take care of nature.

How do you connect with nature?

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I #CountForNature by carpooling and leaving nature intact when I explore.

How about you?