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See winning photo, and other finalists

The 13 photos below are all spectacular examples of the wild and fascinating nature all around us. Some are of species we all know and love, others we might see once in a lifetime – if we’re lucky. And all of them are finalists in the 2017 Graeme Loader Photo Gallery and Calendar Contest.

Last year year, we asked you to submit your best photos of wildlife. The response was overwhelming. More than 1,300 of you sent in incredible, adorable, majestic, unusual, ephemeral images of wildlife in their natural habitat.

Check them out and share them with your friends.

Grand prize winner

Humpback whale

Photographer: Natalie Gillis
Humpback whale diving, photo taken from a kayak



Brown bear

Photographer: Ian Stotesbury
A brown bear catching a salmon trying to make its way up Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park


Star turtle

Photographer: Vicky Chauhan
Star turtle


Northern gannets

Photographer: Martina Schneider
A pair of Northern Gannets photographed during a courtship display


Polar bear

Photographer: Miro Mytny
Polar bear in den



Photographer: Claudette Claereboudt
Delicate dragonfly on hollyhock flower


Great Lakes Piping Plover

Photographer: Merri-Lee Metzger
Endangered Great Lakes piping plover



Photographer: Martina Schneider
Loon shakes off water at sunrise


Atlantic puffin

Photographer: Megan Lorenz
Atlantic puffin holding a wild iris in his beak to present to his mate for nesting material


Pine Marten

Photographer: Megan Lorenz
Curious Pine Marten peeking at me from behind a tree in Algonquin Provincial Park



Photographer: Rob Humphries
A frog, doing what frogs do best


Two elks

Photographer: Angus Hamilton
A pair of elks


Fox pup

Photographer: Diane Redden
A fox pup in Brookfield, Nova Scotia

  • Neal George Weisenberg

    Just for the sake of accuracy- the plural of Elk is Elk.