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Why Cynthia and her colleagues are helping wildlife

One way that our donors make a meaningful difference is through WWF-Canada’s Living Planet @ Work program. Through this initiative, passionate individuals from many different businesses and backgrounds can bring sustainability into their workplaces.

Cynthia Nepomuceno, who is a member of Living Planet @ Work, chose to support nature and wildlife in her workplace by encouraging her co-workers at Livingston International to join the CN Tower Climb for Nature. Through this annual event, in support of WWF-Canada, Cynthia inspired her team to get active and raise over $12,000 for conservation programs across Canada.

“I truly care about Earth and want to be a source of inspiration in my own small way along with my friends, family and co-workers,” says Cynthia.

Cynthia (far left) and her Climb team at Livingston International.

After feeling inspired to find a way to support wildlife, Cynthia learned about the Climb and pitched it to her co-workers. “It was a thrilling opportunity for me and my colleagues,” says Cynthia, adding that the event is a “win-win” for corporations and employees alike. “A progressive and forward-thinking organization thinks about its immediate community as well as its employees’ overall well-being,” Cynthia says. “A happy, healthy and inspired worker makes for a progressive organization.”

In fact, this is a principle that Livingston International believes at all levels; Livingston International’s Climb team (Livingston Strong 2019-WWF) was fund-matched and supported by the entire company.

Thank you for supporting nature, Cynthia and Livingston International!

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