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Andrew Dumbrille
Andrew Dumbrille
Senior Specialist, Sustainable Shipping.
Ever since Andrew started the environment club at his high school in Ottawa 25 years ago, he has focused his work and volunteer life advocating for a greener planet.
Trent University in Peterborough led Andrew to a job going door to door for Greenpeace in Toronto. He spent a few years in the wilderness recovering from getting doors slammed in his face before shipping off for the Arctic Circle in Jokkmokk, Sweden. While there, he coordinated communications for the Taiga Rescue Network, an international environmental NGO working to protect the global boreal forest.
After his time in Sweden, Andrew returned home to Ottawa for courses in conflict resolution, leading to a job with Sierra Club of Canada. After graduating from the “school” of Elizabeth May’s environmental advocacy, he went on to manage Climate Action Network communications during the Montreal climate change conference.
Andrew has been with WWF-Canada since 2006, first coordinating their climate change communications and then working on oceans policy. He now manages the national oceans governance program in Ottawa.

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