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Darcy Dobell
Darcy Dobell
Former Vice President, Conservation and Pacific Region.
Darcy’s longstanding interest in community and ecology has taken her through a professional career that includes over 20 years of public service and consulting work. She has spent a number of years in the BC public service working in natural resource management policy and treaty negotiations. As an independent consultant, Darcy has worked with governments, First Nations, non-profit societies, philanthropic foundations, academic institutions and businesses to help multi-party ventures advance shared sustainability goals.
Darcy’s academic background combines science and literature. She has put both into practice in her work as an author and editor of a number of science books and articles for young people. Her love of the ocean keeps her close to the coast, and she currently lives in Vancouver with her family.
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Taking the helm: climate change and Canada’s oceans
Not long ago, a group of WWF staff and supporters were snug on a boat tucked into a safe harbour, while hurricane-force winds raged nearby on the northern BC coast. We were cozy but the scene was still unsettling, because this was a winter-scale storm. And it was still summer.

Virunga is a world away, but it reminds me of a place I know
I confess: two months ago, I had never heard of Virunga National Park. Now, as WWF’s global emergency campaign intensifies to protect this African ecological treasure from the threat of oil exploration, I see references to Virunga almost daily, and it reminds me of a place I know: the Great Bear coast.

Closing arguments about proposed Northern Gateway oil pipeline
Of the ecosystems, economies, and communities of the Great Bear coast, Art Sterritt has this to say: “This is not our back yard. This is an integral part of who we are.”

We applaud BC’s Strong Stand on the Northern Gateway Pipeline!
This is a strong act of leadership by the B.C. government. It’s also a testament to the people of British Columbia who made sure their leaders heard their voice on this issue.

The Humpback’s song
As World Oceans Day approaches, my thoughts increasingly stray in the direction of the sea, and the endless opportunities for exploration and inspiration it affords.