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Darcy Dobell
Darcy Dobell
Former Vice President, Conservation and Pacific Region.
Darcy’s longstanding interest in community and ecology has taken her through a professional career that includes over 20 years of public service and consulting work. She has spent a number of years in the BC public service working in natural resource management policy and treaty negotiations. As an independent consultant, Darcy has worked with governments, First Nations, non-profit societies, philanthropic foundations, academic institutions and businesses to help multi-party ventures advance shared sustainability goals.
Darcy’s academic background combines science and literature. She has put both into practice in her work as an author and editor of a number of science books and articles for young people. Her love of the ocean keeps her close to the coast, and she currently lives in Vancouver with her family.
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Northern Gateway: An unacceptable and unmanageable risk
The public has been excluded from the public hearings on the Enbridge Northern Gateway (other than while an individual is giving testimony). WWF staffers and other community members raise their voices to say: the Great Bear is no place for a pipeline.

Swimming upstream
Though it is still too soon to tell whether the healthier salmon returns of the past few years signal an encouraging long-term trend, there is one important new landmark of hope: this week’s release of the Cohen Commission’s final report and recommendations.

Lessons from horror movies
In life as in the movies, it’s not over until it’s really over.

Douglas Channel: It’s more than just a map
Douglas Channel – part of the proposed oil tanker route for the Northern Gateway pipeline project – is a 140-km maze of narrow channels woven through more than a dozen islands and rocky reefs. And that’s not all.

Great Bear in the news: “Scathing U.S. report missing from Northern Gateway hearings”
In an interview with the CBC, independent economist (and Canadian for the Great Bear) Robyn Allan and others shared concerns that U.S. government report on the 2010 Enbridge oil spill in the Kalamazoo River, Michigan, has yet to be entered as evidence into the proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline hearings.