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Elizabeth Hendriks
Elizabeth Hendriks
Vice-president, Freshwater Program
My career and activities, like water, seems to be constantly changing forms! I did my graduate work at the University of Waterloo and learned something about the water soft path concept and changing water management paradigms. I worked with blue builders – residential home builders who care about changing the way they do business. I worked with the POLIS Water Sustainability Project as the Water Policy and Governance Coordinator rushing through the current outpouring of legal water reform. I have been a Waterlution Associate and, over the years, have had the opportunity to meander and dabble in a myriad of water issues as I helped create the space for different folks with different strokes to have conversations about the water challenges they face in their communities. I am managing the Living Water Policy Project, a national initiative organized by water policy leaders across the country. We navigate the floods and droughts of water policy information. Finally, I am a new import to WWF – Canada and am working in the Freshwater Programme. I love connecting to both the usual and unusual suspects and hope to do so through this blog.
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Dramatic changes to our freshwater concerns, study finds
Canadians now rank climate change as the biggest threat to freshwater supply for the first time, 2016 RBC Canadian Water Attitudes study finds

The trouble with this winter’s unfrozen Great Lakes
Little-to-no ice cover means changes for freshwater ecosystems and could spell trouble for summer beachgoers

Why the Yukon River is so valuable (and it has nothing to do with gold)
The Yukon Watershed is the latest watershed assessed by WWF-Canada. Through the report, WWF aims to strengthen safeguards to protect these waters, species and communities that rely on the watershed.

A rallying call for Canada’s Freshwater
This past weekend several members of WWF-Canada’s freshwater team attended the Living Waters Rally 2014.

WWF and the Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG)
This fall at the Living Waters Rally, I will be joining more than a hundred other passionate individuals as we work to understand and tackle the challenges of managing Canada’s water challenges.