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On your next holiday, help stop the trade that kills
You have a chance to stop or support an illegal trade that is responsible for killing thousands of endangered animals each year.

Celebrating National Sweater Day at Bullfrog Power Inc.
With grand prizes of ‘tea and cookie’ gift cards from our local coffee shop, we managed to get the entire office engaged in Sweater Day festivities.

Design your own knits: Pan(da)toufles, Part 4
National Sweater Day is this Thursday, which means that it’s high time to finish our pandatoufles!

National Sweater Day Knitting Challenges: Lucinda – Step 4 – The finishing touches!
I loved knitting this sweater, but what I loved most of all is the knit-along and the sharing of our stories on Facebook. Here are the last few steps.

Design your own knits: Pan(da)toufles, Part 3
This week we will be sewing our pandatoufles together. Let’s go ahead and start!