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Coca-Cola Commits to Conservation
WWF and Coca-Cola set partnership ambitious partnership agenda for 2013-2020.

REWIND your VCR and give to WWF
This Saturday, recycle your retro video player, and Rewind will donate up to $25,000 to WWF.

It chops, it dices, It makes the planet healthier! Getting innovation in business to matter
Here’s where innovation in business may actually play an essential role in improving our lives. Not in building the better egg-slicer, but in developing new business models that channel investment in—rather than erosion of—our planet’s natural capital.

In the market for change: happy birthday Danica May
Yesterday was a special day for the Camacho family of Manila. They celebrated the birth of their daughter, Danica May. As a new dad, myself, I know how much the birth of a child affects your life. It’s fair to say, it changes everything. But Danica’s birth—as special and impactful as it surely is for her mom and dad—carries an additional meaning. Danica is “officially” the world’s 7 billionth person.

Sea legs: The road from Winnipeg to the coast is shorter than you think
“You want me on the oceans file? Ummmm…You do realize I’m from Winnipeg, right?”