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James Casey
James Casey
Freshwater Conservation Analyst
Personally convinced that the largest challenge for future generations will be developing a way to prosper on a finite planet, James has joined the growing ranks of people seeking solutions to our emerging water crisis. He is particularly interested in the importance of freshwater resources for the health of our rivers. James has completed a Master’s degree in International Studies at the University of Northern British Columbia with a focus on the management of international transboundary rivers around the world. Closer to home, James has worked in WWF’s Prince Rupert office, encouraging community engagement in marine planning processes.
In the search for conservation solutions, it has become clear to James that regardless of the conservation challenges we face, only those communities that spend time developing and investing in local capacity will be able to deliver innovative solutions. In the future, he hopes to focus on understanding adaptive capacity and how it can be leveraged to create a world in which we live in harmony with nature.
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James's Posts

Go with the Flow!
Canada Water Week is around the corner. It’s time to celebrate Canada’s abundance of healthy lakes, streams and rivers.

Can BC Hold the Line on Protecting our Provincial Fish?
I recently learned that DFO and the Provincial government are currently in discussion about how to change things in BC so that the Fisheries Act will not apply to all of BC’s waters.

Will the proposed new law improve water protection in BC?
The B.C. government has released its proposal for new provincial water law. How does it measure up?

Check out the new BC freshwater ads!
We at WWF-Canada think that water is a pretty special thing so this summer we are running a series of ads on the public transit system in Vancouver with a simple ask: as you sit by the beach or paddle a river take a second to reflect on what is needed to our rivers and lakes healthy.

Fairy shrimp, and sundews and spotted frogs, oh my!
WWF and partners sign the Wetlands Declaration to protect and restore B.C.’s Lower Mainland wetlands.