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Josh Laughren
Josh Laughren
Director, Climate & Energy Program.
Joshua Laughren joined WWF-Canada in 1997 to lead the development of the Marine Program as a key conservation program for the organization. After nearly ten years as Marine Conservation Director, Josh took on the role of Director of Communications for the organization in 2006. He became the Climate and Energy Director in 2010. His proudest moments in conservation include helping establish some of Canada’s first marine protected areas on all three coasts and in the Great Lakes, and launching Earth Hour in Canada, which rallied 15 million Canadians to voice support for action on climate change.
Josh’s past experience includes environmental management and education, including as Education and Environmental Affairs manager for the CN Tower in Toronto
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President Barack Obama speaks on climate change
As the state of emergency is extended for another week in the wake of devastating flooding in Calgary, President Barack Obama takes an important step to chart the way to a safer future.

Saturday, June 15, is Global Wind Day 2013
Saturday, June 15, is Global Wind Day 2013. Global Wind Day is a worldwide annual day for discovering wind, its power and possibilities – and yes, its impacts.

Seize Your Power – Sign the pledge
WWF is launching a major global campaign to increase worldwide investment in renewable energy by $40 billion in the next 12 months. To succeed, we need your help.

Four green energy actions you can take today!
World Environment Day (June 5) is here and it’s a great time to reflect on what you can do to reduce your environmental footprint. Here are 4 choices that you can make that will help get Canada on track to meeting all our needs from renewable energy!

Green Energy in Ontario: Why we can’t afford to slip backwards
Unfortunately, the energy discussion in Ontario (as it is in Canada and the world at large) is highly polarized. As a result, facts get skewed and everyday people are left wondering—what’s the real deal? Read on for some insight.