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Katie Edmonds
Katie Edmonds
Katie Edmonds is the Online Content and Community Coordinator at WWF-Canada – which means that her job is to chat online with Panda supporters throughout the country via Facebook, Twitter and the blogs. (Pretty awesome gig, right?)
Twitter: @katieedmonds1

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Obama Pledges Support to Stop Wildlife Crime in Africa
A groundbreaking announcement from President Barack Obama during a state visit to Tanzania on July 2 will deliver much-needed support to African countries reeling under the onslaught of wildlife crime.

Coral Trafficking: Little did I know, I might be an illegal wildlife trader. Are you?
Little did I know that I quite possibly have engaged in illegal wildlife trade and didn’t even know I was doing so. Have you?

For 11-year-old Elana’s birthday, she gave a gift to the planet
For Elana’s 11th birthday, she worked with charitable giving site Echoage. She got a flute and WWF got $317.00. Thank you Elana!

For his 4th birthday, Quinn got the birthday gifts of his choosing, and WWF got $110!
A win for all parents and children, ECHOage continues to be the most unique and effortless way for kids of all ages to give and get bigger birthday gifts, while learning about the great feelings that come with true kindness and generosity.

Kids artwork for the 23rd Annual Canada Life CN Tower Climb
This week, more than 5000 people will climb the CN Tower to raise money for WWF. To motivate our climbers, kids from schools across Ontario have submitted artwork that will be hung on each floor. Here's a sample of the awesome artwork we received!