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Linda Nowlan
Linda Nowlan
Linda Nowlan is WWF-Canada’s Director of Pacific Conservation. An environmental lawyer for more than twenty years, Linda enjoys her current position, which takes her from filming a hydrophone installation at Cetacealab on BC’s North Coast to talking renewable energy at Vancouver City Council to analyzing  the latest developments in resource management and conservation law.

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Liquid Natural Gas terminals and Skeena River salmon are a bad mix
The Skeena Estuary is also smack dab in the middle of BC’s development boom, with two of BC’s proposed 14 liquefied natural gas (LNG) plants slated for construction there.

Protecting the Great Bear Sea for Generations to Come
British Columbia's provincial government and First Nations recognize the ecological, cultural and economic value of the Great Bear Sea and B.C.’s north coast region. They’re working on an ambitious marine plan that will provide a framework for finding ways to safeguard the Great Bear Sea for the future.

Haida Ethics at the Heart of New MaPP Marine Plan
A visionary draft marine plan to guide ocean uses surrounding the islands at the outer edge of Canada’s Pacific is rooted in Haida ethics and values.

Marine Plans to Protect the “Best Food in the World”
After years of work, the Council of the Haida Nation and the Province of B.C. presented a new draft marine spatial plan this week in Haida Gwaii. The message from public Open Houses is loud and clear. Planning for multiple uses of our oceans needs to ensure that healthy oceans continue to support a wild variety of edible bounty

Avoiding the “Sixth Extinction”- Endangered Species in Canada are in a Race against the Clock
Last week a judge ordered the federal government to clear up the “enormous systemic problem” of failing to produce timely recovery plans for species classified at risk in Canada.