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Linda Nowlan
Linda Nowlan
Linda Nowlan is WWF-Canada’s Director of Pacific Conservation. An environmental lawyer for more than twenty years, Linda enjoys her current position, which takes her from filming a hydrophone installation at Cetacealab on BC’s North Coast to talking renewable energy at Vancouver City Council to analyzing  the latest developments in resource management and conservation law.

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Linda's Posts

Modern Laws for Modern Times
Modern laws for water and beer! BC’s Throne Speech promises to update antiquated rules, as WWF’s new transit ads in Victoria highlight the overwhelming support across the province for stronger protection for water for nature

Humpback Haven in Peril- Joint Review Panel Fails on Whales
Humpbacks are a delight to watch as they breach, drift by, or bubble net feed. I was lucky to visit a humpback haven on BC’s North Coast recently. WWF is helping Cetacealab, a research station on Gil Island, and the Gitga’at First Nation expand a hydrophone there to monitor underwater sound.

Protesters Gather in BC- The Great Bear is Not the Place for an Oil Pipeline or Tankers
Thousands of protesters converged in Vancouver on Nov. 16th to voice their opposition to the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline and tanker project.

Now is the time: Speak up for BC’s water
With BC moving ahead with a new Water Sustainability Act, WWF is encouraging everyone who cares about water in the province to express their views with the Ministry of Environment.

BC Moves Ahead with new Water Sustainability Act
WWF welcomes the latest step to revise BC’s main water law, as the Ministry of the Environment releases the detailed policy proposals.