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Martin von Mirbach
Martin von Mirbach
Director, Canadian Arctic Program
Martin von Mirbach grew up in Ottawa, Ontario, where regular hikes and cross-country ski excursions in nearby Gatineau Park fuelled his love of the outdoors. He lived in Newfoundland throughout the 1990s, becoming active as a forest conservationist and sustainable development educator and serving on the Premier’s Round Table on the Environment and Economy. During that time, Martin also served as an advisor to the Canadian delegation at UN conferences on sustainable development, forests, biodiversity and climate change.
In 2000 he moved back to Ottawa to focus on national conservation challenges. He led the process to develop a Canadian Boreal Standard for the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). To this day, it remains the most successful FSC standard worldwide, both in terms of area certified (over 40 million hectares!) and impact on the ground.
Martin joined WWF in 2008 and two years later took up the challenge of directing WWF’s Canadian Arctic program. Under his leadership, the program has grown and expanded its operations to include field offices in Inuvik, Northwest Territories and Iqaluit, Nunavut.
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