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Mike Ambach
Mike Ambach
Former Manager, North Coast Program
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MaPP: Collaborating to support healthy oceans
The MaPP plans open up a space in which a wider set of values can collaborate with the shared goal of supporting healthy oceans.

MaPP: A foundation for future marine protected areas
Tthe recently completed Marine Planning Partnership (MaPP) plan for BC’s coast sets out recommendations to sustainably manage 102,000 km2 of Canada’s Pacific Coast, stretching from Northern Vancouver Island to the Alaska border.

MaPP: The long view across a great big sea
The Marine Planning Partnership (MaPP) recognizes first and foremost that the health of the marine environment is the foundation for healthy communities and economies.

From whales to eagles and trees: everything is connected in the Skeena River Estuary
Without healthy estuaries, the systems they support – ecological, economic, and cultural, will collapse.

Support for a Healthy Ocean
From the North Coast of BC, we’re helping build the blueprint to maintain healthy marine ecosystems that underpin the social, economic and culture values fundamental to human well-being.