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Robert Powell
Robert Powell
Senior Officer, Priority Conservation Programs
Rob came to the WWF late in 2006, after many years reviewing the environmental effects of major resource development projects. As director of science and technology with the Natural Resources Conservation Board in Alberta, and through secondments to the Energy and Utilities Board, he provided scientific support for decision makers. Rob was a decision maker himself, serving on a number of panels. His prior engagements include a stint as an environmental consultant and a variety of technical and research postings.
Rob spent as much time as possible avoiding real work in favour of academic pursuits. But he was finally shown the door with degrees in hand: a Bachelor of Science in Zoology, a Master of Science in Biology and a Doctorate in Ecology.

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A moment of silence for the Arctic
Royal Dutch Shell’s announcement that it has abandoned oil exploration in offshore Alaska means the Arctic is better off today and “for the foreseeable future”.

Making lemonade. Why Canada should invest forfeited oil security deposits into sustainable economies
The promise of oil in Canada’s north is a lemon. We’re urging the government to make lemonade.

Some Relief! Imperial Oil will not seek exemption from safety requirements to drill in the Beaufort Sea
On June 26, Imperial Oil informed the National Energy Board it would not apply as planned for an exemption from the board’s same season relief well capacity requirement.

Year-end announcement is a gift for the Beaufort Sea
The recent decision of a major oil company to abandon its proposal to circumvent a longstanding safety requirement for Arctic drilling is good news for the Arctic. WWF-Canada is not prepared to accept anything that would increase the risks of an environmental and social disaster.

Failure not an option for Arctic offshore drilling
Some of the world’s biggest oil companies want to drill deep in the waters of Canada’s Beaufort Sea and they want to do it without a proven safety net – WWF says this should not be allowed.