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Rebecca Spring
Rebecca Spring
Rebecca is a Communications Specialist and previously led WWF-Canada’s sustainable transportation work, including an electric vehicle campaign.
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Reaching for the (sea) stars
WWF’s Go Wild Community Grants support Vancouver Island community monitoring of sea star health.

Community-based solutions to watershed health
Learn about watershed health on the east coast from CURA H2O and how tools like WWF-Canada’s recently launched Watershed Reports website will help with community-based water monitoring and management.

The Water Brothers discuss Canada’s freshwater treasures
We caught up with Tyler and Alex Mifflin AKA The Water Brothers to talk watersheds and water health.

“Survivorman” Les Stroud joins WWF to Go Wild!
Les Stroud tells us about his love of nature, and why you should get involved.

The good, the bad and the ugly: how electric vehicles are doing in Canada
Today, we are releasing our second status update on electric vehicle (EV) uptake in Canada in partnership with Plug’n Drive. In last year’s report, we cheered on the increase in infrastructure and identified the need for people to have opportunities to test drive. This year, we can see that public awareness is climbing, and that ongoing support for EVs is needed – from governments, manufacturers and existing EV owners.