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National Sweater Day: Book a reminder from our Granny Call Centre
I was lucky enough to have three Grandmas, and all of them were loving, supportive women. They were also NOT afraid to let us know their opinions - especially when we were doing something dumb, like wasting energy. That's the idea behind our Granny Call Centre for National Sweater Day.

Save Africa’s elephants: Help ban the Thai ivory trade
Every day in the savannas and forests of Africa, elephants are being gunned down for their ivory tusks. Across the continent, tens of thousands of these majestic animals are being slaughtered each year. In many places the species has already been poached to extinction. If we don’t act now there may be no wild elephants left.

National Sweater Day: Calling all grannies!
February 7 is National Sweater Day. This year, WWF's popular “Granny Call Centre” is back, so no one forgets to participate. We need real grannies to phone and remind people to lower their heat and wear a sweater to conserve energy.

Earth Hour City Challenge: Waterloo, Fredericton, and Sudbury
Earth Hour is coming up on March 23, but we know that so many of you work to conserve energy all year - at home, at work, and across your cities. The Earth Hour City Challenge celebrates cities that are taking amazing steps forward in creating a greener, cleaner and more sustainable city to live in, while inspiring other cities to do the same.

Green gift guide: 2012 edition
It's one week until Black Friday, a day that has become infamous for huge crowds, long lines and even stampedes as holiday shopping begins. Understandably, many of us are looking for alternatives to that ugly scene. It's possible to have a more socially conscious and eco-friendly holiday, and still surprise and delight everyone on your "nice" list.