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Last chance to sponsor a CN Tower climber
I woke up this morning feeling somehow surprised that I had agreed to climb the CN Tower for a third year in a row (is it possible for knees to wince?). But really, when I think about it, how can I say no?

Nelson Mandela tweets his support as biggest Earth Hour ever sweeps across the globe
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: As the largest ever Earth Hour wraps up across Asia, Nelson Mandela has taken to Twitter to express his support for the cause to unite the world to protect the planet.

Video: Earth Hour Anthem
WWF is excited to unveil the Earth Hour Anthem, created by composer Andrew Huang using lyrics submitted by our Facebook fans.

Video: Hockey heroes join Team Earth Hour
With Earth Hour coming up on Saturday, March 31 at 8:30 p.m. local time, some of Canada's best-loved athletes are joining the team.

Live chat with the Water Brothers
Two eco-adventurer brothers, Alex and Tyler Mifflin, travel the world to explore our relationship with water—from tropical reefs to freezing seas, The Water Brothers examine water issues in South East Asia, the North Pole, California, the coasts of Central America, the Mississippi River, and the barricades of the plastic bottle battle in Canada.