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Donations needed for Iqaluit families
As many of you have heard, on Sunday, February 26, a devastating fire in a block of row houses in Iqaluit, Nunavut has left dozens homeless and with only the clothes on their backs. Donations have been flooding in, but more are needed.

Green gift guide: 2011 edition
Snow or no, once I start seeing ridiculous news about Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I start thinking about holiday gifts. But what I hear from my friends and family is that they don’t need any “stuff.”

Camera trap photographs one of few critically endangered Amur leopards in China
A wild Amur leopard was caught by a camera trap in Wangqing county, Jilin province last month, adding evidence to the possibility of population stability of the species in northeast China.

Planet in Focus: Urban Roots
Watching environmenal documentaries can be pretty heavy.

VIFF: Burning Ice
Regular readers of this blog will know that I went on a journey to the Arctic this summer with Students on Ice. Together with a group of high school students, scientists, artists and educators, we witnessed firsthand the effects of climate change on the places and people of the North.