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Simon Mitchell
Simon Mitchell
Simon leads the overall effort on the St. John River and advocates for a healthy river for humans and nature. He joined WWF in August 2012 after spending over a decade working in a variety of capacities for community-based watershed groups along the St. John River. He has had a varied career in the forest and now water conservation fields.
Simon has worked with the grassroots to protect some of the most unique landscapes in the region and pursued opportunities for residents and visitors to learn about and experience our rich living heritage. Simon is an Associate with Waterlution and the Canadian Rivers Institute.
Simon’s work is inspired by the time he spends in the great outdoors and by the stories that are shared by so many people along the “beautiful river.” He is delighted to be a part of a living and working river that has so many connections with the communities along its banks and that has played such a prominent role in shaping the region and the nation.
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A successful St. John River Summit!
The inaugural St. John River Summit was held on June 21st and 22nd at the Hazen Park Centre, on the banks of the river in Oromocto. As part of the WWF Living Rivers Initiative on the St. John River, the event brought together members of the community to learn, discuss, share and experience the river.

St. John River Summit this weekend in Oromocto, New Brunswick
At the Summit, I will be sharing some preliminary results from the Social Ecological Inventory (SEI) project that we partnered with Brock University.