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Steph Morgan
Steph Morgan
Steph has a science and communication background that she is putting to good use, writing about WWF’s work on the Development and Strategic Partnerships teams. Nature, wildlife, conservation – these are the things that inspire her every day and she believes that effective science communication is an integral part of conserving the planet.
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How can I help the Great Bear Sea?
This is a question I think all Canadians should be asking

You’re hot then you’re cold: Swimming in the ocean
In 2010 I swam south of the equator in the Pacific and far north in the Arctic Ocean.

Team Climb-It Smart Training Log – Baldwin Steps
They’re the ones at Casa Loma…and they’re splendid!

In the market for change: HP promotes supporting WWF and energy conservation during Earth month
This month, if you donate to WWF (help the planet), you will get a discount on an ENERGY STAR® HP product (help yourself and the planet).

Where does all the hardware go?
Much like the island of misfit toys, retired IT assets have a happy place to go – because it’s not a landfill.