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Steph Morgan
Steph Morgan
Steph has a science and communication background that she is putting to good use, writing about WWF’s work on the Development and Strategic Partnerships teams. Nature, wildlife, conservation – these are the things that inspire her every day and she believes that effective science communication is an integral part of conserving the planet.
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Visual effects bringing ideas to life
Last weekend at the Oscars, before the “get off the stage” music started, a big thank you was forgotten.

In the market for change: H&M commits to conserving water
It’s funny how our perspective on water can change from day to day – even hour to hour.

In the market for change: how putting a panda on your credit card can help conserve the environment
Have you heard? WWF-Canada has a new affinity card that gives money to our conservation efforts every time you punch in that pin!

In the market for change: Naturally, DonateNaturally.com
Do you like natural and organic food? Naturally! Do you like it delivered to your door? Naturally!

In the market for change: Green4Good helps companies reduce waste
Because the dumpster isn’t always the answer.