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Tonya Wimmer
Tonya Wimmer
Manager, Species Conservation
A marine mammal biologist and a Nova Scotia native, Tonya has spent the past six years with WWF-Canada focused on reducing entanglements of endangered North Atlantic right whales and the bycatch of at-risk sharks and sea turtles. With one foot on the boat and another in the boardroom, she has developed important partnerships with fishers, industry experts, management authorities and scientists to drive this work.

Over the course of her research and training at Dalhousie University, Tonya spent over 52 weeks at sea studying whales and dolphins. She also served on the advisory committee responsible for driving the protection of the Sable Gully, the site of Tonya’s studies on endangered northern bottlenose whales. Today, Tonya’s breadth of experience and expertise benefits WWF as well as students at Dalhousie, where she teaches courses on marine mammals. She is also the president of the Marine Animal Response Society, a charitable organization that responds to distressed marine animals off the coast of Nova Scotia.

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Recent Humpback Whale Entanglement in the Bay of Fundy
Foggy is a humpback whale that frequents the waters of the Bay of Fundy. On Sunday, Foggy was found by the Marine Animal Response Society badly entangled in fishing gear. This form of bycatch is a widespread problem in Canada’s and the world’s oceans. This incident, while having a happy outcome, highlights that we need to do more to prevent incidents like this from happening.

Testing the waters: experimenting new tools in shark conservation
Some days our work takes us to pretty amazing places. Last Saturday Jarrett Corke headed out to sea on the Atlantic Ocean for two weeks to work alongside the pelagic longline fishermen on the M/V No Excuses to research the use of materials that could deter sharks from biting their hooks.

They’re down but not out: the fight for survival for the world’s most endangered large whale
There’s been some really exciting news in the whale world today….a critically endangered North Pacific right whale has been spotted in BC waters!

Duuude… it’s World Turtle Day!
When I say the word turtle, most people think of the hand-sized freshwater turtles many people have as pets. But did you know that there are giant turtles that live in the oceans?

Sharks…will they survive us?
Sharks have been around for over 400 million years! They’ve seen the arrival and extinction of dinosaurs and survived many events which have changed the face of this planet. But the real question is…will they survive us?