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Weiwei Su
Weiwei Su
Weiwei Su is a Manager of Strategic Partnerships at WWF-Canada. She does not do well in nature (bugs and canoes scare her) but is passionate about WWF’s work protecting wildlife and ecosystems around the world.  Previously, Weiwei was a Communications Specialist for WWF-Canada and she has also worked for WWF-China in Beijing.
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Get your sweater on this February 6!
Everything you need to know about National Sweater Day

WWF assists in taking a “wild” X-ray for an ailing tiger in Sundarbans, India
India's first attempt at an X-ray of a wild tiger in its natural habitat results in success!

Countdown is ON…Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup
You see it along the shorelines of your local rivers, lakes, beaches…harmful, unseemly litter. Now is the perfect opportunity for you to do something about it, because the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup begins this weekend.

Startling Video Brings New Meaning to Shoreline Litter
What would happen if our waterways overwhelmingly became garbage dumps, and once-pristine waters slowly transformed into something else altogether?

Soco failed to assess human rights risks before beginning Virunga exploration, paper alleges
British oil company Soco has been criticized for an alleged “failure to conduct a proper human rights due diligence before it started its activities” in an African World Heritage Site.