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UN climate change conference starts this week
Our WWF colleagues globally converge this week in Doha, Qatar with representatives from almost 200 countries to talk about furthering tangible action on cutting emissions contributing to climate change. Countries must commit to peaking in emissions by 2015, or we risk runaway climate change.

Wanted: Cities taking action on climate change
WWF invites communities across Canada to join the Earth Hour City Challenge, an initiative to celebrate cities that are taking action on climate change and inspiring other cities to do the same.

Canada lays out new rules for coal
Today the Government of Canada released its long-awaited coal power regulations. While over 5,000 Canadians wrote in advance to ask to get off coal to cut emissions contributing to climate change, these regulations fall short of addressing climate change in any meaningful way.

Back to Reality: Climate change action status in Canada
Today, the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy released “Reality Check: The State of Climate Progress in Canada”. Based on this report, Canada is positioned to achieve less than half of its climate change emissions target.