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Are Canada’s marine protection plans at sea?
As other countries surge ahead with marine protection, Canada has a long way to go to meet its targets.

See Canada’s oceans as they’ve never been seen before
WWF-Canada launches a powerful new data-visualization tool to demonstrate what’s really going on in our oceans. It’s free online and can be easily customized.

Food for thought: More acidic oceans threat to marine organisms and Arctic communities
Learn more about the causes and effects of ocean acidification, “climate change’s evil twin.”

The Sound on The Hill: ‘Father of Nunavut’ and WWF bring the Arctic to Ottawa
WWF-Canada and the All Party Ocean Caucus hosted an ‘Oceans on the Hill’ event to draw attention to Lancaster Sound – a critical marine area in Canada’s eastern Arctic in need of federal protection.

The unicorn of the sea: Ten facts about narwhals
Here are 10 facts about narwhals- the amazing unicorns of the sea!