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Art of Empowerment Mural Reveal!
With school out for summer at the end of this week, a heavy push was needed to get the Art of Empowerment mural to the finish line — but it’s ready for its close-up!

Art of Empowerment Mural Contest: bringing schools together!
An incredible amount of progress has been made on Holy Cross Regional High School’s mural these past couple of weeks — with extra special thanks to a Grade 4 class from St. Matthew’s Elementary across the street!

Art of Empowerment Mural Contest: The paint on the wall
After weeks of hard work, Holy Cross Regional HS students have a final sketch for their school mural and some paint on the wall. Get the full update from Grade 11 students Erik and Sterling!

Art of Empowerment Mural Contest: Getting Started!
Earth Foundation’s Todd Polich visits Art of Empowerment school mural contest winner, Holy Cross Regional High School. Check out these “before” pics of the wall and hear from the excited students!

Surrey School Wins Art of Empowerment Mural Contest
With help from WWF and Earth Foundation, Holy Cross Regional High School in Surrey, BC will be bringing their vision for a future in which humans live in harmony with nature to life as a school mural this spring!