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Good water stewardship is good business
As a growing demand for water faces both citizens and companies in the coming years, WWF’s Alexis Morgan explains why good water stewardship is a must for business.

Freshwater Health Assessment of the Peel – a Wilderness River Basin
Data deficiency was a common thread in WWF-Canada’s recent release of Freshwater Health Assessments - this was also the case for the Peel River.

Go with the Flow!
Canada Water Week is around the corner. It’s time to celebrate Canada’s abundance of healthy lakes, streams and rivers.

Modern Laws for Modern Times
Modern laws for water and beer! BC’s Throne Speech promises to update antiquated rules, as WWF’s new transit ads in Victoria highlight the overwhelming support across the province for stronger protection for water for nature

Flowing forward with the Water Sustainability Act
This is an opportunity to protect British Columbia’s waters and aquatic ecosystems, and secure the social, economic, and environmental benefits they provide into the future.