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Fish get lost, and that’s a concern. Here’s why.
A fragmented aquatic ecosystem can lead to an unhealthy aquatic ecosystem.

Meet the spineless bottom-dwellers key to water quality assessments
Benthic macro-invertebrates reveal a lot about the health of a freshwater system and play an important link in the aquatic food chain.

Water pollution in Canada and what you need to know
Pollution is one of the most serious threats facing Canada’s freshwater. Here is what you need to know.

If climate change is a shark, water is its teeth. Here’s why.
Freshwater ecosystems are among the most vulnerable when it comes to the effects of climate change. Under current projections, most freshwater ecosystems globally will face ecologically significant impacts by the middle of this century.

Why the Great Lakes need a watershed moment
For everything that the Great Lakes watershed provides, it is unfortunately one of the most threatened watersheds in Canada. The next few years will be a critical time for action.