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Join Scott Niedermayer by adding your name
Join Scott Niedermeyer. Add your name and let Canada’s government know: no oil pipeline and no oil tankers in the Great Bear.

No agreement reduces the risk of an oil spill in the Great Bear. Except one.
The only agreement that could prevent such a disaster is one that determines—once and for all—that oil pipelines and super oil tankers have no place in the Great Bear Sea.

The Great Bear region: Canada’s ecological treasure
David Miller travels to the Great Bear region with a group of passionate WWF supporters to see the splendor of Canada's greatest ecological treasure.

Tony Dekker on the physical, spiritual and philosophical connection between music and nature
Growing up on a small farm in a rural community put me in touch with nature—weather patterns and seasonal cycles—in a real way. A livelihood in farming hinges on being in tune with those things.

Northern Gateway: An unacceptable and unmanageable risk
The public has been excluded from the public hearings on the Enbridge Northern Gateway (other than while an individual is giving testimony). WWF staffers and other community members raise their voices to say: the Great Bear is no place for a pipeline.