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National Sweater Day Knitting Challenges: Lucinda – Step 3 – the Iced Collar
Knitting sweaters, socks, and other cozy garments for ourselves and our loved ones can help lower our thermostats and shrink our ecological footprints. Let's knit! Part

Electric cars: So… How far can I go?
While range can be a factor for traveling longer distances with an electric car, charging infrastructure (like gas stations) will help overcome this factor.

National Sweater Day: Book a reminder from our Granny Call Centre
I was lucky enough to have three Grandmas, and all of them were loving, supportive women. They were also NOT afraid to let us know their opinions - especially when we were doing something dumb, like wasting energy. That's the idea behind our Granny Call Centre for National Sweater Day.

BC cities to the climate change rescue!
Earth Hour City Challenge preliminary contest results favour West Coast cities: the finalists have been announced and they are all from BC!

Why I oppose the Northern Gateway Project – For my family, my community, and wildlife
This week and next, WWF staff and other community members are speaking to the Joint Review Panel (JRP) for the Enbridge Northern Gateway project at a public hearing in Vancouver to explain why we oppose the project.