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Calgary Talks: Great Bear Sea and the Northern Gateway pipeline
WWF-Canada is committed to protecting the Great Bear region and stand with the Coastal First Nations – this is not the place for this pipeline.

MaPP: The long view across a great big sea
The Marine Planning Partnership (MaPP) recognizes first and foremost that the health of the marine environment is the foundation for healthy communities and economies.

MaPP: A big plan for the Great Bear Sea
The province of British Columbia signed a Marine Planning Partnership (MaPP) agreement with 18 Coastal First Nations, whose traditional marine territories cover 102,000km2 of BC’s ocean environment.

Marine Plans to Protect the “Best Food in the World”
After years of work, the Council of the Haida Nation and the Province of B.C. presented a new draft marine spatial plan this week in Haida Gwaii. The message from public Open Houses is loud and clear. Planning for multiple uses of our oceans needs to ensure that healthy oceans continue to support a wild variety of edible bounty

What We’re Talking About When We’re Talking About Line 9
Pipeline decisions like Line 9 are locking us into a high carbon future and raising the need for a broader national conversation about a long-term vision for Canada.