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Protecting healthy ecosystems
The Great Bear region offers unlimited potential for a diverse and sustainable economy based on healthy ecosystems.

Thousands of jobs rely on the species in the Great Bear
The community depends on the species in the Great Bear. An oil spill would be detrimental to them and their economy.

It’s time to agree, the Great Bear is no place for pipelines and oil tankers
If Premier Christy Clark opened the door to the Enbridge Northern Gateway oil pipeline with an announcement about a deal with Alberta, then for the sake of B.C.—and Canada—let’s make sure that door stays firmly shut.

Safeguarding our Gift to the Earth
Safeguarding an extraordinary ecosystem is always a conservation success. Safeguarding that success all over again is sometimes a conservation necessity.

Respect for the land and sea
Respect for the land and sea is at the heart of how communities of the Great Bear interact with nature.