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When I Go Wild, people and nature thrive
Tell David Miller and WWF your best ideas for engaging with nature in your community and win $1,000.

Celebrate Canada Water Week! March 16 – 22
Celebrate Canada Water Week, March 16-22! Know your H2O and know the Water Heroes working across Canada to keep our lakes, rivers and streams healthy.

The electric car brings out the eco-nerd in Jessi Cruickshank
WWF supporter and TV personality Jessi Cruickshank is now a bonafide electric vehicles (EVs) expert. See Jessi and David speed around in a shiny EV and go bird watching in this web series.

Jessi Cruickshank on how electric cars can make us all ‘cool’…even the geeks
TV personality Jessi Cruickshank meets up with WWF President and CEO David Miller to go on a ‘First Date’ in an electric car. Jessi falls in love and wants one of her own!

Clowning around in an electric car with comedian Mark McKinney
The second of the "First Dates with David Miller" includes Canadian icon Mark McKinney and WWF-Canada president and CEO, David Miller driving around the city in an electric car visiting some favorite spots such as Grange Park, Kensington Market, and Exhibition Place’s wind turbine.