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How we helped bring elusive narwhal to your screen
Our Arctic species specialist explains what it took to film narwhal for Our Planet.

4 Arctic species that depend on ice
Arctic wildlife get their time in the spotlight in Our Planet.

Making sense of the walrus scene in Our Planet
Tragedy strikes for walruses in Netflix’s new series, Our Planet. Here’s why. 

EXCLUSIVE: Nick de Pencier shares the challenges and highlights of filming “Watermark”
Nick de Pencier, producer and cinematographer of the feature documentary film WATERMARK tells us about the challenges of filming, capturing and contextualizing a topic as massive and complex as water.

EXCLUSIVE: Canadian documentary filmmaker Jennifer Baichwal on her latest project
Acclaimed Canadian documentary filmmaker Jennifer Baichwal provides insight into the creation of her most recent film – WATERMARK, and the way it makes us think and learn about water.