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What are you doing for Earth Day?
Celebrate by giving back to nature.

What’s next, after historic signing of Paris agreement
Once the agreement is signed and ratified, countries need to start set targets and create regulations and laws to meet them.

Unseen threat in our waters, and what you can do about it this Earth Day
Join one of the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanups organized across the country for Earth Day this Friday and over the weekend to collect and properly dispose of plastic and other waste.

Calling all Canadians to do their part on Earth Day and beyond
This Earth Day let's go beyond one day and participate all year for the health of our waterways.

Hey, Thanks! Your Actions for Conservation by the Numbers
Today, you’re celebrating the planet and we’re celebrating you. We appreciate all the ways you contributed to WWF and conservation over the past year. From donating birthday parties to test-driving electric vehicles, you sure did a lot.