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Eight amazing animal moms
Eight animal moms who take care of their young in unique and remarkable ways!

WWF Holiday Adoption Gift Guide: Six of your favourite species
The holidays are almost here! WWF symbolic adoptions are a great gift that support our crucial conservation work and the perfect solution for all those on your list, especially the hard-to-buy people who already own it all.

Breaking news: Royal Thai Police seize live elephants in clampdown on illegal trade
The Royal Thai Police have seized more than a dozen unregistered and illegally registered elephants from camps in three provinces in the south of Thailand as part of sweeping investigations into live elephant smuggling.

WWF calls on Indonesia to take action for the 129 Sumatran elephant deaths since 2004
WWF-Indonesia released a new report stating that 129 Sumatran elephants died in the Riau province of Sumatra since 2004. 15 were found dead in 2012 alone.

URGENT: You can help stop illegal wildlife trade
The sad truth is that some endangered species may be worth more dead than alive to poachers - but we know that saving them is a cause worth fighting for. With your support, illegal wildlife trade can be stopped.