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Now is the time: Speak up for BC’s water
With BC moving ahead with a new Water Sustainability Act, WWF is encouraging everyone who cares about water in the province to express their views with the Ministry of Environment.

Canada ranks 7th in world on clean technology
Canada's potential as a clean technology innovator, coupled with our abundance of natural resources of renewable energy, is a powerful combination in the future world of energy.

The Green Story Circle: The Lorax
The Project: Every month I get to introduce my son’s kindergarten class to a new “green” story and lead them in an environmentally themed activity. And I’m looking for your brilliant ideas and recommendations to help me along!

“Free your mind.” – Morpheus, just before he takes a leap
I wrote last time about the environmental movement’s failure to clearly represent itself to the world and the particular problem this poses for architecture - a discipline that communicates principally through drawings.