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The good, the bad and the ugly: how electric vehicles are doing in Canada
Today, we are releasing our second status update on electric vehicle (EV) uptake in Canada in partnership with Plug’n Drive. In last year’s report, we cheered on the increase in infrastructure and identified the need for people to have opportunities to test drive. This year, we can see that public awareness is climbing, and that ongoing support for EVs is needed – from governments, manufacturers and existing EV owners.

EV MacGyver
5 years ago, this electric vehicle enthusiast converted his regular hybrid into a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle.

City of Surrey delivering on its commitment to a greener future
Surrey’s ‘Sustainability Charter’ is an exciting, realistic vision for how the city can become truly sustainable within 50 years.

Jessi Cruickshank on being that 11 yr. old environmental hall monitor and her new found love for the electric car
From anti-litter campaigns to electric vehicles; TV personality and WWF supporter Jessi Cruickshank has always been passionate about the environment.

Charging up in BC
British Columbians have access to nearly 500 electric vehicle charging stations located throughout the province.