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Moving from laggards to leaders in the Transportation rEVolution
Canada’s electric vehicle numbers lag far behind jurisdictions like Norway and California. Clearly, we’ve got a long way to go. But it’s not all doom and gloom.

The biggest roadblock for EVs
WWF's recent Electric Vehicles Status Report reveals that there are just over 4,000 electric vehicles in Canada — a fraction of a per cent of the vehicles on our roads. So why aren't Canadians going electric?

How are we doing? – The Transportation rEVolution status report
One year into our Transportation rEVolution, it’s time to pop the hood and see how we’re doing.

Driving Electric at Work
James can access an electric car at work just with the click of a mouse. He loves it! See how the Region of Waterloo joined Community CarShare to make it happen.

Driving the Electric Dream
Software entrepreneur Jason Taylor dreamt of cutting carbon emissions and avoiding gas stations with an electric vehicle, but he needed space, performance and range. Enter Tesla.