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Awesome photos of awesome kids being awesome
Living in harmony with nature starts as youths.

Why should you take your class outdoors?
From more engaged students to a closer bond among classmates, these six teachers explain why it’s so important to get outside this spring.

9 tips to help you get to the top! (of the CN Tower that is)
On May 1st and 3rd we are hosting the 24th Annual Canada Life CN Tower Climb. 1776 steps is no easy task, so it's important that you train in the weeks leading up to the climb to help get you to the top!

Let’s get outside
After a long winter, it’s time for Canadians to get outside and reconnect with nature.

Explore Outdoors: Nature is Our Home
In celebration of Explore Outdoors month, WWF’s Schools for a Living Planet program launches a new resource for kindergarten teachers.