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Managing forests for people, wildlife and the climate
New forestry standards must balance human demand for forest products with the value of intact forests for wildlife and climate change

Leading the pack to WWF-Canada’s 25th Anniversary CN Tower Climb
The Cruse family makes climbing and fundraising an annual tradition.

Resolute Forest Products seeing the forest for the trees
Properly managed forests are important for everyone, and WWF partner Resolute is leading the way

Sea legs: The road from Winnipeg to the coast is shorter than you think
“You want me on the oceans file? Ummmm…You do realize I’m from Winnipeg, right?”

Living the sweet life: Using what you’re good at to do what you love
The day I realized I had to quit my job, I pulled my girlfriend (now my wife) into a meeting room at the office where we both worked and said, “Tell me I’m doing the right thing.” "You are doing the right thing," she said without batting an eye. And that was that.